slack deletron

delete those cat gifs and other weird files

Slack rules and is great for teams.

Funny animal gifs are really great, however they can quickly bog down the storage on your Slack account.

Slack Deletron allows you to search and delete the files that you have put on your Slack team account.

If you are an admin on your team, you can delete not only your files, but all public files on your team!

Hi, you probably have questions

Did Slack build this?

Nope, I did. and I hope they love it cause they build great products!

It says that I don't have permission to add this to my Slack?

Admins can choose whether team members can add third-party integrations to a Slack Team. If they've turned off permissions, you'll have to ask them to turn them back on for you!

Something isn't working! I wanna help make it better

Help me out! You can submit issues here to help me work out the kinks. If you want to help make the product better, roll up your sleeves, fork the code and go to town!